Daily Archives: 03/25/2004

Habib Trial Postponed

KUAM just ran a story this evening about local pervert Haim Habib, who stands accused of coercing sex from 13 & 14 year old runaways at his apartment. Seems a court appointed psychologist determined Habib is not mentally competent to stand trial at this time. Seems Habib feels a bit paranoid these days. So off he goes to Mental Health for treatment. Hopefully he’s feeling better in a few months and can stand trial.

Food For Thought

Do we owe our intelligence to mutation that reduced our species’ jaw size and strength? A new Gene study suggests early humans traded mighty bite for bigger brains. About the time our hominid ancestors started developing bigger brains a genetic mutation appeared that crippled the development of powerful jawbones and their requisite muscles girdling the skull. The theory goes that once the skull was freed of the burden of supporting massive jaw and cheek muscles, early hominid cranial size exploded.

Take The Long Way Home

Took the long way home tonight. The fiery sun set into the Pacific as I tooled down Marine Drive. Instead of taking my usual route I kept heading south, all the way to Agat. The power of the sun compelled me. I watched it sink into the ocean, and as the sky turned purple and pink with sunset, I turned the Blue Torpedo eastward along Cross Island Road.

Nothing like a nice drive home to unwind after a hard day at the office. Seems like everything I am working on is due by next Monday. Oof. I need a vacation. Pretty sad, since I just got back from one two weeks ago.