Daily Archives: 03/28/2004

Adieu Hypercard

It appears Apple has finally killed off the moribund HyperCard.

I remember it well, it was an amazing product that really opened my eyes to how cool a software could be. It was so damn easy to make functional little software stacks, I made a stack that housed all my bibliographies during my college years, and outputted them in a suitable format for WriteNow, my trusty old word processor. The real problem with HyperCard was simple: It was a memory hog – and slower than tar on my Macintosh SE. If I started up HyperCard, nothing else would run on my computer with its paltry 2 megabytes of RAM. And once I moved up to a color computer with more oomph, HyperCard was fossilized, stuck in the old black & white world with 9 inch screens System 6.

I guess Apple never really knew what to do with the software and stopped promoting after a couple years. But they were heady times in the late 80’s, lot’s of stacks swapped around on floppies. Some really amazing stuff was created with HyperCard – and the greatest was If Monks Had Macs. This collection of stacks was incredible, they were a quantum leap beyond anything else I had ever seen done in HyperCard. Provocative essays and quirky explorations, If Monks Had Macs was probably the first successful multimedia I experienced. For those that are interested, If Monks Had Macs has been updated and released for both Mac and PC, using a successor to HyperCard, Runtime Revolution.

(Not So) Slow Train

Found an interesting website this week called Red Nova; it’s focus is on space and astronomy subjects. Like this one about The Slowest (And Fastest) Train In The Universe – the Mobile Transporter upon the ISS space station. The top speed of the MT is 2.5 cm per second, making it one of the slowest rail lines ever created. But it is also one of the fastest because the ISS is orbiting our planet at 28,000 km per hour.

BBQ Goodness

Spent yesterday at a bbq with some friends from work. Nothing like a day at the beach, eating bbq and drinking beer. The crew from Materials always has a good time. Even though I moved on to another department ages ago, I still get invited to their department functions. This party was an early Easter celebration. The location varies from year to year, this year the site was the United Seamen’s Service property (the old USO) in Piti. (The place is right next to the Cabras power plants and the port, so if anybody wonders about the industrial background in some photos, those are Guam’s base load generators.) The highlight of the afternoon was the Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddies, and it was amicable chaos as usual. Lots of running and screaming and good fun for everyone.

Check out some photos:
Mark shows off his skill on the grill
Check out those spare ribs!
Looking north towards Ritidian Point
Mark and Duane hard at work
I think Mark likes the bratwurst I brought
Barb and Tony hanging out
Claire and her boy Devon
The hunt begins
Parents help the little kids find eggs
Quick! There's more eggs on the other side!
Bringing back a full basket
Chuck and Lola relax in their folding love seat
Check out Tony's new ride

I was pretty tired when I got home, so I took a nice nap before heading out for another little party at a neighbor’s house. Sorry no pictures of that though. It was a good day, lots of sunshine and fun.

Price hikes hit wallets – guampdn.com

Boy I opened my mouth too soon. Gas prices shot up another 5¢ last week, making regular unleaded $2.25 a gallon. This is becoming ridiculous. But what is really ridiculous? The amount of money some people pour into their gas tanks. Everybody quoted in the Pacific Daily News article on price hikes at the pumps fill their vehicles two or three times a week. Damn. I visit the gas station about once every two weeks and I think that is bad. People are addicted to their automobiles here on Guam.