Daily Archives: 03/31/2004

Tax Rollback Tomorrow

Tomorrow the GRT is reduced from 6% back down to 4%, and its about time. The additional gross receipts tax was a burden on people at a time when the island’s economy could not handle it. Instead of facing the problems of GovGuam head on and actually reducing the bloated government payroll, legislators increased taxes by 50% and instituted a new round of fees on all sorts of government licenses. Believe me, voters will remember who was for increasing taxes this November – it was the Democrats.

Now it goes against my political grain to vote Republican, but it must be stated, those taxes didn’t add any services or special protections to the government operations. They did it so they wouldn’t have to lay off people on the government’s payroll. They took a look at the political fallout from raising taxes and decided it was an easier pill to swallow than being the first legislature in the island’s history to actually reduce, instead of increase, the island’s government workforce.