Daily Archives: 04/03/2004

Myanmar To Free Suu Kyi

Myanmar’s Foreign Minister told reporters in Bangkok that Myanmar’s government will release Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi after almost a year in custody. The troubled history of Burma is rife with violence, hopefully this is a step towards democracy in the troubled country.

For further reading on Myanmar, I found this article by Mark Jenkins from October’s Outside Magazine fascinating. Go read it now.


The Air Force issued a warning about bacteriological contamination in two popular hiking destinations yesterday. “Maj. Lynn Shinabery, Andersen Air Force Base chief of public health, said two people from the base got sick last month with symptoms of lepto after hiking in the Sigua Falls and Lost Pond areas in late February.”

Probably all those carabao running around in the hills off Cross Island Road. Back in 2000 some friends of mine took part in the inaugral extreme adventure race on Guam. They all got leptospirosis after swimming through Fena Lake, which is ground zero for feral carabao on Guam. They were all really sick for quite some time, they stopped paddling for almost a month as I recall.