Daily Archives: 04/08/2004

A Couple Time Killers

My DSL was giving me fits last night and this morning. It seems to be back up and functioning, so let’s visit some fun little links:

Guam Is Spared, But Yap Is Not So Lucky

Typhoon Sudal passed well south of Guam yesterday. In fact, the storm veered to the southwest and is not bearing down on the main islands of Yap. The typhoon will pass over Ulithi sometime this afternoon, and that is not a good thing. When I was in New Zealand last November, Typhoon Lupit followed a similar storm track and wreaked havoc on Ulithi on November 25th. The island is still recovering from that disaster.

Guam never got much of the storm though, and the sun is shining again today. I took the shutters down last night and enjoyed the fresh breeze throughout the house overnight.