Daily Archives: 04/11/2004

Relief Aid Arrives In Yap

Typhoon Sudal is a massive storm now, with winds of 150 mph and gusts to 190 mph. Thankfully it is expending its fury on nothing but the waves, whirling about in Philippine Sea. The storm track places it well away from any further human habitation as it spins poleward over the next week. Good riddance.

For the people of Yap though, it is an unmitigated disaster. Telephone, power and water systems all took heavy damage in Kolonia, the capital city of Yap, and the roof of the hospital was severely battered too. Emergency officials from FEMA are on Yap after a Coast Guard C-130 flew down yesterday. Relief aid arrived in Yap yesterday too, and more relief flights are scheduled by the Ayuda Foundation and Continental Micronesia. At this point it is hard to assess damage in the outlying areas because the roads are impassable and communications are down. It was a nasty storm for Yap, and they are going to need lots of help to get back on their feet. I understand completely, typhoons are terrible things, and living conditions in the aftermath are difficult.

Relief supplies and donations will be accepted at the following place:

  • The Ayuda Foundation in Tiyan will be open this weekend. Call Ayuda at 671-473-3003.
  • The Office of the Consulate General of the Federated States of Micronesia will open Monday. Call the consulate at 671-646-9154.