Daily Archives: 04/16/2004

MCI Exits Guam

Last week we got new long distance calling cards at work. At the time I groused about switching for no apparent reason to a different company. Turns out there was a valid reason; MCI is exiting the Guam market on May 31, 2004. They are retiring their voice switch on that date, and not installing a new one. Though the article does not mention it, I imagine they will remain in the data circuit business.

When I first arrived on Guam, MCI was a major player in long distance. Back then, long distance rates were astronomical, something like $3 – $4 a minute. I rarely made calls home back then, but when I did, I used MCI. MCI is still a major player in long distance on Guam, so I suspect the decision to terminate the voice business lies with MCI’s global troubles and much publicized bankruptcy. This is an inconvenience for Guam customers, but the long distance business is full of competing companies right now.