Daily Archives: 04/29/2004

I Had No Idea

Photo © Associated PressCNN is running an AP story about Federal officialsseizingggiantn African snails seized from schools in Wisconsin. Apparently these buggers are a dangerous and prohibited animal in the United States, capable of devouring a variety of crops and even spreading meningitis with their slimy mucus. Several schools in Wisconsin had these snails in their classrooms before the federal government swooped in and confiscated the animals.

Sheesh. Somebody ought to tell them that Guam is chock full of these things. They are everywhere. I mean everywhere. I walk in the yard and crunch on these things. The hermit crabs (duk duk) appropriate the shells for their mobile homes, the dogsharasss the snails at night and they do eat most everything that grows outside. But I had no idea they are disease carriers. I just assumed they were one of Guam’s many plagues (snails, toads, gnats, termites, snakes…). Guess I better tread carefully from now on, I sure don’t want to catch meningitis.