Daily Archives: 05/10/2004

Blogger Revamps

Well, it looks like Blogger’s gone ahead and made a new interface overnight. It looked totally different when I posted that bit about the space plane than last night’s post about boat charter and photo album.

I’m not at all sure I like it, the old layout served me well and it had a simple, yet stylish design. This new one has a distinctly kindergarten feel to it, with the big, oversize buttons and rounded text. My first reaction is “Blah, who designed this crappy layout?” But it looks like there are some new features and whatnot, so I guess I can get used to this new infantile look.

A Very Good Sunday

Today was Dianne’s 60th birthday, and there was an excellent birthday party aboard MDA’s dive boat, the Sun Chaser. The boat departed at 17:00 with about 20 people on board, bound for great weather, snorkeling, kayaking, a beautiful sunset, good food, live music, a sky full of stars, and wonderful conversation. It was an excellent evening out on Double Reef.

I brought my Sony digicam along and took some great shots. My only regret is that the batteries went kaput just as it got dark, so I didn’t get any photos of the Pago Bay Reefers playing bluegrass on the top deck.

But I thought I would give a great piece of software a try and create a web album of today’s fun party. I used the excellent and free Web Album Generator from ORNJ.NET, home of some excellent product for Microsoft Windows.

Again that URL for the web album of today’s fun party is


So don’t forget it.