Daily Archives: 05/13/2004

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Well not exactly. More like despoilers of the exposed road project. More than a year after uncovering an ancient Chamoru burial site on the Route 4 highway project in Yona, it is apparent that the ancient remains at the Ylig site were destroyed by exposure to the elements. Wind, rain, landslides and feral dogs destroyed the bones that were unearthed last year, while the Department of Public Works frittered and wasted time looking for an archaeological firm that would do the work pro-bono.

There is a public meeting today at 5:00 pm in the Yona community center to discuss this mess, and the never ending road project that was stalled by the discovery of the remains. While the road is entirely paved up by my house (at last!) nothing has been done at the bottom end of the project since the backhoes dug up the burials in April 2003.