Burt Rutan Pushes To The Edge Of Space

In-Flight Photo of SpaceShipOne &copy Scaled CompositesThursday marked another milestone for aerospace pioneer Burt Rutan and his company Scaled Composites. The company’s privately designed and funded spacecraft, SpaceShipOne, flew it’s third power flight on May 13th, reaching a height of 212,000 feet. This is within striking distance of 329,000 feet, the threshold of space required to claim the Ansari X-Prize.

To claim the prize SpaceShipOne needs to reach 329,000 feet with two paying passengers, return to Earth, and repeat the process within three weeks. Scaled Composites has issued no timetable, but they are widely expected to attempt to reach space and claim the X-Prize next month.

Sign me up, I’ve always wanted to visit space.