Night Out

I guess it’s time to post a few photos from recent outings. A coworker is leaving island this month, which was the impetus for series of happy hour get togethers with the office buddies. Here’s a few photos from those evenings

Sam Choy’s
First off, here’s a few photos from a couple weeks ago at Sam Choy’s in Tumon. We ended up with a pretty big crowd, even though it was a Tuesday night.

Jesika & Rich
Here’s Jesika, the woman of the hour, with her husband Rich.

The crowd at Sam Choy's
A group photo, but most people are in darkness at the rear.

Darryl & Liz
Here’s Darryl, who took most of these photos, and Liz.

Chris makes a point
That’s Christine making some point or other, with Bob smiling behind her.

Cheers! That’s my Heineken just left of center.

Christine laughs
Christine’s laughing pretty hard because I just grabbed her tongue a moment before.

Well that’s all the photos I’ll post from Sam Choy’s. It was a fun night, but it broke up early. Probably best for a work night.

Quiz Nite
Last Thursday was Quiz Nite, a fundraiser for Habitat For Humanity. My company bought tickets for two teams and I got asked to join one team. Quiz Nite was held at the Marriott. I brought my camera and took some photos.

Pacificare Polymaths
Here’s some of my team, the Pacificare Polymaths. Mary Kleschen, G’nette Datu and Jesika Zellner.

Another shot of my team
Another photo of our team, but with me tossed into the mix.

Gus takes drink orders
Marketing manager Gus Sablan gets our drink orders.

Team 6
And here’s our other company team. Patrick, Joe, Maricon, Flom, Joan, & Clarence.

The Polymaths plus Al
My team again, with the late arriving Al Almira.

Our prize
We ended up in fourth place, and we each took home a bottle of wine. Not bad.

Well that’s enough navel-gazing for now. I got some more pictures, including a surprise dinner I ate tonight, but I’ll keep that for tomorrow. Till then, goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.