Daily Archives: 05/17/2004

Sky & Telescope Interactive Sky Chart

Just time enough for one really excellent web site: Sky & Telescope Interactive Sky Chart This is a great Java application that puts up a sky chart tailor made for any latitude & longitude on earth. I really appreciate the addition of transient, newly discovered objects like comets and asteroids into the sky chart. It makes locating Comet NEAR really easy in the evening sky. Check it out!

Typhoon Season Starts Early This Year

Well that typhoon that popped up west of Palau late last week is currently tearing up the eastern coast of the Philippines. Supertyphoon Nida is packing sustained winds of 140 knots, with gusts to 170 knots. For the landlubbers, that is plenty nasty. That translates too sustained winds of about 161 mph with gusts to 195 mph.

Hot on the heels of Nida comes another tropical depression resolving itself into a tropical storm. Tropical Storm 6W is currently 542 miles south/southwest of Guam and tracking to the northwest. Current storm track has it passing just south of Yap in about a day, just as it strengthens into a typhoon. Winds are currently sustained at 40 knots, with gusts to 50 knots.

I hope the storm bypasses Yap, the islands are still reeling from Typhoon Sudal. So many storms so early in the year is not a good sign though. I got this feeling 2004 is going to be a bad one for typhoons.