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Some Statistics

One nice thing about the new blogger: hidden away in my blogger profile are some interesting statistics.

On Blogger Since April 2002
Avg Posts Per Week 12
Posts Written 1,375
Words Written 139,771
Outbound Links 3,198
Avg Links Per Post 2.33
Avg Words Per Post 101.65

Okay, I cooked up the last couple myself, but they seemed interesting numbers.

Yap Gets Another Typhoon

Yap braces for storm that may become typhoon – guampdn.com

Less than six weeks after getting hit by the one of the most destructive typhoons in its history, Yap and its outer islands face the possibility of getting hit by another storm.

A tropical storm formed over the weekend and is expected to pass right between Yap and its southern outer island Ngulu — similar to the route taken by Typhoon Sudal on April 9, said National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Middlebrooke.

As of yesterday afternoon, the tropical storm’s sustained winds had reached 45 mph, and the storm, though still fairly weak, was forecast to possibly strengthen into a typhoon as it passes Yap today, Middlebrooke said. The typhoon poses no danger to Guam or other Mariana Islands.

As of this morning, the storm was packing winds of 60 knots (69 mph). The updated storm track has the center of the storm passing directly over the main islands of Yap this afternoon. This is not good for the island, especially since so many are still homeless and living in tents.