Daily Archives: 05/23/2004

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

So I asked a friend of mine last week if he had a chance to look through the picture album I posted here two weeks ago. Y’all remember that photo gallery from Dianne’s birthday boat cruise? He said he looked through it, but he wondered what Donald Rumsfeld was doing on a dive boat off the waters of Guam. That sparked my curiosity and I looked through my photos with a keener eye.

Lo and behold, I found him lurking in the lower left hand corner of this picture! Wow – well actually that’s Mike Siegel, a member of the Pago Bay Reefers (more on them tomorrow). And he normally doesn’t look like Rummy, but the resemblance in this photo is uncanny:

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense Mike Siegel, Musician

It’s a little creepy, that’s for sure. Besides nobody was being led around naked on a leash on the dive boat (at least from what I remember), so I’m pretty sure Rumsfeld had nothing to do with our little party.