Daily Archives: 06/01/2004

The Adventures of Flat Nicholas

Of interest to a few:

I played host to my nephew’s two dimensional doppelganger for the past few days. Flat Nicholas and I went to a few events over the weekend, and ended up doing a tour around the island. I took plenty of pictures, so check out the web album I just put up, there’s a few good pictures of Guam and the sights.

More Shenanigans at DYA

A day after controversial appointee LizaMarie Camacho stepped down from her position as deputy director at DYA more questionable appointments at the agency appeared. Three federally funded positions slated for recruitment as youth service worker assistants were apparently filled by relatives of staffers working in the lt. governor’s Guam State Clearinghouse office, an office devoted to consolidating and verifying all federally funded grants and positions in the Government of Guam. The three positions were filled by relatives of these high ranking staffers without undergoing the usual screening process, after the hiring documents were altered by the director of the office. Surprise, surprise.

According to documents obtained by KUAM News, former Guam State Clearinghouse director Bertha Duenas made alterations to the documents, including changes from recruitment-limited term appointment to temporary appointments. While he hasn’t spoken to anyone at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, Sanchez forwarded the concerns to the director of the Department of Administration, the Public Auditor, and the Governor’s legal counsel. The governor’s chief of staff says he doesn’t understand why the merit system was bypassed.

It appears the alterations are not the Administration’s only concern, as KUAM News looked into the names of the individuals who were hired for the DYA positions. According to the documents, Paul Quenga, Carlene Mendiola and Maria Blas were appointed as youth service worker assistants.

Duenas today confirmed that Quenga is her son, and Carlene’s mother, Josie Mendiola, is the executive assistant in the Guam State Clearinghouse. Recently fired Lieutenant Governor’s staff assistant Raymond Blas is the father of Maria Blas. The Governor’s Office is also investigating the link between the individual’s hired and the changes made to the recruitments.

The Guam State Clearinghouse is at the center of the schism between the governor and lt. governor. Governor Camacho disbanded the office and laid off the staff several months ago, after the Clearinghouse altered some documents relating to off island travel the governor approved. Some sort of low-level office war has been going on between Camacho and Lt. Governor Moylan ever since. The two are not on speaking terms, and a lawsuit is brewing over the closure of the office and the dismissal of the employees. This latest development adds to the imbroglio.

I’ve said it before; politics on Guam is a tempest in a teapot. I am sure things here are no different than anywhere else, it’s just the close proximity of the island intensifies all these dramas into a whirlwind of rumor and innuendo.