Daily Archives: 06/05/2004

One Of The Seven Plagues Of Guam

It is termite swarming season on Guam, that time of the year when hordes of horny termites take to the air just after sunset, looking for love in all the wrong places. Like the back of my neck, the hood of my car, in my socks and generally anywhere they feel like falling to earth.

Guam has a cycle of plagues and infestations, and this is only the most current. Other plagues include these little black gnats, those giant African snails, the infamous brown tree snake, and bufo marinus, the cane toad. Those damn toads have been out in force lately too, and their flattened corpses line the highways. And all these species are introduced, invasive species. I wonder if these periodic plagues, when thousands come out of hiding and roam the landscape, are related in any way to their exotic nature?