Daily Archives: 06/09/2004

Glory Days

Hot on the heels of my last post, I thought I’d check out my high school’s web site and look up some alumni. Well, I’ll be damned, Vianney won the Missouri Class 4A baseball championship. And the volleyball team (something that didn’t exist back in the 1980’s) are also the state champions. Wow. Back when I went to Vianney, the school was known as a powerhouse in soccer. Good to see the athletic tradition continues.

Now to look up Suellentrops in the alumni section…

Missouri Profiled In Slate

Slate has an interesting article up today on swing states in the upcoming election. The first state profiled: Missouri, the Show-Me State. I thought I would toss it out there since it is my home state, and Chris Suellentrop wrote an interesting article. Hell, I went to high school in St. Louis with what seemed like an army of Suellentrops, I wonder if there’s any relation?

Quizno’s No More

Two Saturdays ago I ran some errands in Agana, and I ate lunch at Quizno’s. Monday I drove down to Agana at lunch to check my mail, and decided to check out Quizno’s for lunch again. Alas, Quizno’s closed their doors sometime in the last two weeks. I heard their was difficulty with the business, but I also understood it would stay open until a new investor was found. I guess the debts got too large or something. It’s a shame, they made a good sandwich (though they were a little pricey).

There was an article in the Marianas Business Journal on Quizno’s troubles, but unfortunately that online journal is no longer free. I wouldn’t mind subscribing, they have some good articles, but $10 a month is far too steep. That’s $120 a year for a subscription that comes out bi-weekly. That’s $4.62 per issue. Hell, I subscribe to Salon, it’s $35 a year and published daily. I understand that economies of scale are in play here, Marianas Business Journal will never be as large as Salon, or other major online magazines so they need to charge a little more to make a profit on their niche product, but sorry Charlie, that’s just too much for too little.