Daily Archives: 06/15/2004

Another Typhoon For Yap

I guess it’s official: the storm track for 2004 is over Yap. The island suffered a brush with Dianmu yesterday, while it was still a tropical storm. Today Dianmu was upgraded to typhoon strength, and it is a whopper. We are getting feeder band activity on Guam and Manila. Thankfully this monster is not expected to make landfall on any other islands.

Expensive Living

Thought I’d post a link to this: World’s most expensive cities led by Tokyo, London – Jun. 14, 2004. I was surprised by the poll, London was killing Tokyo and Moscow in the ‘where would you rather live?’ question. I’d much rather live in Tokyo than London. The weather sucks in London.

I’m surprised Guam isn’t on the list. I’d say prices here are roughly comparable to Honolulu, which ranked 57th on the list.