Rain Rain Go Away

It’s been raining since Sunday on Guam, and I am getting a little sick of it. I guess this means rainy season has arrived for the year. The weather this week reminds me of August though, with the non-stop drizzle interspersed with occasional downpours. I could really use some sunshine for the weekend.

To chase away the blues I stopped off for a drinkie-winkie at the Mermaid Tavern last night. Located in the GCIC Building in Agana, the Mermaid Tavern is Guam’s latest experiment in marketing microbrewed beers. The Great Deep Brewing Company was originally in Le Tasi Bistro back in 2002, but Typhoon Pongsona blew them out into the street. Their beers have been featured at Mac & Marti’s in Tumon since February or so, but that’s a little out of my way. This place is more convenient for me.

There are five microbrewed beers on tap, a pilsener, a pale ale, Irish red ale, Scottish ale and a stout. Real, fresh tasting beer instead of that pale, fizzy, watery crap peddled by Budweiser and Miller. The menu includes a wide selection of burgers and po’ boy sandwiches, and there are plenty of specials available too. I just ate some pupus but I plan to head back tomorrow night or Saturday and try the food.

Mmm, beer…