Daily Archives: 06/18/2004

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

It finally came to Guam this weekend. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is playing at the Hafa Adai II theater this weekend, months after it opened Stateside. It figures, since Hafa Adai II is Guam’s second run theater. It was happenstance that I noticed the movie listings just before I left work this evening. I wanted to catch this movie for months and I was pretty well resigned to waiting for it to come out on video, so I jumped at the chance to catch it in the theaters.

It was easily the best film I’ve seen all year. Love, loss, regret, the movie is a whirlwind of poignancy about relationships and the loss of love. Believe me, I am no fan of Jim Carrey, but his romance with Kate Winslet is wrenchingly beautiful to watch, their tortured break-up, the dappled moments of joy and achingly poignant happiness. I guess I will have to re-evaluate my impression of him.

And the movie is damn funny in spots. I was laughing pretty hard at some of the antics of the chorus of supporting characters, from Elijah Wood’s creepy lovesick machinations to Kirsten Dunst (and her glorious boobs) smoking a joint and bouncing around on Jim Carrey’s bed – with him knocked out and tucked under the covers. Their various sub-plots were an enjoyable diversion from the increasing chaos and wrenching desperation of Jim Carrey’s memories. And they finally wove into the theme of the story well, an effective counterpoint to the central love story.

I’m glad I saw Eternal Sunshine tonight, but I was surprised at the reaction I got at work. I told G’nette I was going to the movie tonight, mainly to point out that it was finally here. We had a conversation back in March about how we both wanted to see it and how it would never come to Guam. When I showed her that it was playing this weekend, she was ambivalent. Turned out a friend told her it ‘confused’ her, and that it was hard to understand. I thought it was an enticing movie, not confusing at all, and I enjoyed the movie thoroughly.