Tropical Storm TingTing

Tropical Depression 11W intensified into a Tropical Storm yesterday, and Tropical Storm Tingting is bearing down on the Marianas. Current storm track places it to the northeast of Saipan in about a day. Current position: 13.0&deg N 150.0&deg E, or about 350 miles east of Guam and moving to the northwest at 8 knots (~9 mph). Maximum sustained winds are 45 knots (52 mph), with gusts to 55 knots (63.25 mph).

It doesn’t look like Guam is going to get hit at this point, but feeder band activity is pretty intense this morning. Saipan is going to get much worse as this thing intensifies. Time to go secure stuff in the yard, flip over the lawn tables, bring in the chairs and stuff before they go flying.