Daily Archives: 06/28/2004

Wet, Soggy, But Still Here

Wow. That was worse than anybody expected. For a tropical storm, Tingting delivered a hell of a punch. My power went out last night around 1:30 a.m. and it just returned about 20 minutes ago. Mudslides, flash floods, and almost 20 inches of rain rattled the island yesterday. This is now the wettest June ever recorded on island.

I was up all night mopping up wind driven rain that was pouring in through my front door – just like during Typhoon Pongsona 18 months ago. I really need to get storm shutters on my front door.

Anyway, the storm was upgraded to Typhoon Tingting this morning, and it is currently wreaking havoc on Saipan. The rains slacked off around 7:00 this morning on Guam and I was finally able to get some shut eye.

The roads into my village are impassable, with Pago Bay Bridge closed because of flooding, and Ylig Bay Bridge closed due to mudslides. It is possible to make it out through Pulantat and past Leo Palace, but the road in Ordot is flooded and impassable to everything but 4×4’s. So I am sitting tight today, cleaning up my house and yard. At least the power came back on.

All told I feel lucky. Some people got flooded out of their homes, and others found their homes half-buried in mud and muck.

Here’s the latest colorized satellite photo from NOAA:
Colorized infrared satellite photo
Tingting is the one on the right, just above Saipan. That other one with the well-developed eye is Typhoon Mindulle, which was the source of last Monday’s torrential rains.

And here’s a photo I took yesterday afternoon of the wind and rain.
Tingting stirs things up in my backyard

It was pretty wild and hairy yesterday. Ylig Bay is littered with downed trees washed onto the reef, and the silt washed down from Manenggon Hills stretches miles out into the Pacific.
Silt and washed up trees in Ylig Bay