Daily Archives: 06/30/2004

Fucking GPA


So I was at an after-work BBQ this evening, a going away party for this guy Darryl at work. He quit the company last Friday and he’s moving back to Hawaii on Friday. The boys at the warehouse threw Darryl a party at one of the pavilions along Marine (Corps) Drive tonight, right past Alupang Tower Condos. There was a gang there and we had a blast. Lots of beer, a couple trucks bumping the tunes, good food and good time for all.

As the party started to break up, a couple of the boys suggested heading out to the bars, possibly a titty bar or two. “No, no,” I said, “I need to head home and do some stuff around the house.” I begged off despite repeated entreaties, and jumped in my car to head home.

I was a little drunk and I really wanted to just chill out, but by the time I got to Yona the damn power was out. Again. I arrived home to sit in a dark, sweltering house for over an hour until the power came back. Damn. Talk about a buzzkill.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too angry, the power came back on at 10:00 p.m. Yet I am still angry. Eleven years I’ve lived here and still, on any given night, the power will go out. It’s so damn frustrating.

Okay One Last Look

Before I consign tropical storm Tingting to the dustbin of my archives, how about a picture of my doctor fearlessly crossing the floodwaters on Route 4 in Pago Bay? I saw this photo in Monday’s paper and I said “That’s my doctor! He must be heading to the hospital for a medical emergency.” Well he was just up here at our offices and I mentioned seeing the photo in the paper. He told me his wife and kids were in the car, screaming at him to stop. He turned back when the same section of road was flooded after Pongsona, but he figured if he was ever going to cross the expanse, that was the time. There were plenty of towtrucks waiting, plus the cameras from KUAM and photographers from the PDN.

Dr. Ed parts the waters of Route 4

I still haven’t attempted crossing that flood. It’s still there three days after the torrential rains. I am afraid the Blue Torpedo won’t make it through the water since it is so low to the ground. I’ve been driving through Pulantat, bouncing along a gravel road up to Leo Palace, and then coming out in Ordot by Agueda Johnston middle school. The large portion of the road to Leo Palace is washed out and only one lane is passable in that part, but crews are working hard to repair the damage.

Tingting Leaves Casualities

Yesterday a man died from injuries he sustained during Tropical Storm Tingting on Sunday. He was in his car in Ylig Bay, just below where I live, when a storm surge swamped his car.

A man was also swept over the reef in Tumon and has not been recovered. Five kayakers were lost over the reef in Piti yesterday as well. The surf is still wild from Tingting on the western side of the island. While search & rescue spotted three empty kayaks yesterday, no one has been recovered yet.