Kerry Picks Edwards

It looks like John Kerry picked John Edwards to be his vice president in the presidential election. I’m a little disappointed. It matters little to me who he picks, I’d rather vote for a blind chihuahua than George W. Bush, but I was hoping Kerry would pick the governor of Iowa. I never heard of the guy until this morning when I was listening to NPR at work. As the story unfolded about the possible running mates all I heard was something about Kerry meeting with the Iowa governor, Tom Ballsack. Huh?? The guy’s name is Ballsack? What the hell?

Turns out his name is really Vilsack, but to the casual NPR listener on a Tuesday morning it sure sounded like that dude’s name was Ballsack. For a minute I thought Kerry was targeting the same demographic as that ‘girthy’ hot dog commercial. It’s not such a bad idea either, since I don’t think average Joe six-packs 18 to 34 in America’s suburbs are a Democratic stronghold.