Movies, Movies, Movies

Watched Dodgeball yesterday. It was pretty stupid but I laughed at parts of it. I felt like checking out some more Ben Stiller, so I rented Zoolander last night. Again, it was pretty stupid, but I laughed at parts of it. Upon further reflection, the target demographic for these movies is probably the same as that ‘girthy’ hot dog commercial.

I needed something more substantial after all this idiocy, so I picked up Lost In Translation at the same time as Zoolander. I’ve been wanting to watch it, but the movie never came to Guam last year, and my local video store only has one copy on hand. I jumped at the chance to rent it yesterday.

I watched it tonight when I got home from the office. What a poignant film, two people adrift in an alien landscape. Bill Murray delivers a hell of a performance as a world-weary fading actor, and Scarlett Johansson is just luminous playing a confused young woman feeling trapped in her marriage. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I need to check out more of Sofia Coppola’s work, namely The Virgin Suicides.