Daily Archives: 07/07/2004

Tingting One Week Later

It’s been over a week since tropical storm Tingting dumped torrential rains on Guam. The effects of that storm are still being felt.

Large parts of southern Guam are still without water. A water main broke in Santa Rita when the ground collapsed beneath it during the storm. In addition, the Ugum River water treatment plant is still closed because of clogged pumps, and a boil-water notice remains in effect for residents of Agat and Santa Rita. My water pressure in Yona is low because the booster pumps in Pago Bay are malfunctioning.

Speaking of Pago Bay, the flooded section of Route 4 is still flooded nine days later. It was over 2 feet deep last week during the storm, but it is still four to six inches deep. I don’t understand why they can’t dig a trench alongside the road to divert that water into the Pago River.

The worst effect of the storm is the casualties it left behind. A total of six people were lost at sea last week during the rough surf generated by Tingting, one reefwalker and five kayakers. Searchers recovered a body last week which was originally identified as the reefwalker. Medical examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola identified the body as one of the kayakers yesterday, along with another body pulled from the water by divers on Monday. Six people lost is a terrible price to pay. I’ve known several people taken by the waters around Guam and my heart goes out to the families of those lost.