Daily Archives: 07/12/2004

Chileans Celebrate Poet Neruda’s Centennial

Pablo Neruda 1904-1973Time for another literary centenary. Chile’s celebrated poet, Pablo Neruda would have been 100 today. Radical, poet, Nobel laureate, communist, politician, human being, his poetry means a great deal to me. In 1970 he was the Communist candidate for president in Chile, and the following year he won the Nobel Prize for literature. He died in 1973, less than two weeks after Pinochet overthrew the Allende government and installed a military junta. For 17 years his work was suppressed in Chile, but now three decades later Chileans are embracing their native son.

Guam Delegation Ready To Go

The Festival of Pacific Arts begins in just a few days and the Guam delegation is getting ready to go to Palau. Guam is sending a large group this year; 65 performing artists, 32 visual artists, 8 seafarers, 12 literary artists, 8 culinary artists and 4 logistical staff.

The festival begins on July 22 and lasts until July 31. I wish I was going, this is a big event for Palau, but I’ll be Stateside starting this Friday.