Daily Archives: 07/17/2004


I arrived in Seattle at 8:00 a.m. this morning. Got to the hotel in
downtown and promptly fell asleep. I am convinced airline seats are
designed to be as uncomfortable as possible. I couldn’t sleep a minute
on the plane and one in-flight movie was Welcome to Mooseport, possibly the worst movie I have ever endured. The other movie was 50 First Dates,
which was innocent enough and made me laugh a few times. The flight was
completely full, not an empty seat on the plane. Crammed into a flying
tin can with 450+ other people is not my favorite travelling conditions.

Oh well all this kvetching will get me no where. The conference starts
tomorrow, and I actually think I am ready to go back to bed and sleep
some more. I was absolutely exhausted this morning. I didn’t sleep the
night before the flight, who can get up at 4:00 a.m. to check in for a
6:00 a.m. flight – I stayed up all night. The only rest I got in
transit was about an hour in the Narita traveller’s lounge. They have
these great recliners in a quiet corner of the bottom floor lounge that
are perfect for catching some sleep. I can’t begin to describe how
comfortable they were to an exhausted traveller, it was just what I