Manenggon Tribute

I forgot to mention this story last weekend. On July 10th, Hasso Manenggon, a tribute march to commemorate the Manenggon concentration camp, was held in Ylig Bay.

The march from Ylig Bay to the site of the concentration camp in the Manenggon hills concluded with the unveiling of the entrance memorial to a Manenggon memorial park slated for construction on the site.

During a somber ceremony at the Manenggon site, concentration camp survivor, historian and former Sen. Tony Palomo spoke of survivors’ experiences. Despite the suffering inflicted upon the Chamorro people, Palomo… stressed forgiveness.

Father Eric Forbes also spoke of forgiveness in his homily. Speaking both in Chamorro and English, he told the audience not to hate.

“This is not what God wants,” Forbes said.

Also during the ceremony, Japan Consul General Kennosuke Iriyama joined survivors and board members Rita Franquez, Marian Johnston Taitano and former first lady Geri Gutierrez. They placed a floral wreath on the entrance monument that was unveiled yesterday.

The PDN ran a series of pictures covering Hasso Manenggon and the memorial park. Here is a photo of the memorial fountain:
Photo &copy Masako Watanabe/PDN: Jesusa Arceo, 72, left, and Bert Unpingco, 71, right, stand by the new Manenggon memorial fountain shortly after its unveiling at Manenggon in Yona. The two survivors of the concentration camp were among the many survivors who helped to unveil the fountain at the 'Hasso Manenggon' tribute.