New Montrose Blues

Still here boys & girls, I’ve just been wandering about the country in airplanes for the last few days. I left Seattle late last week, spent the weekend in a steamy Houston, and I am now in sunny southern California. This excursion to Orange County was unplanned, but I am here now and it is a good thing.

I spent the weekend in Houston, mostly because my tickets were non-refundable, and it was more expensive to change the ticket to a new destination than just buying a new ticket. Crazy. Houston was a good time though, because my good friend Craig lives there and we had the weekend to kick back and relax. Here’s a couple highlights:

  • The Ginger Man – I only put it together later, but I’d actually been to one of these in Dallas a few years ago. I didn’t know it was a chain of bars. Lots of beers on tap, some okay pupus and excellent jukebox loaded with Grateful Dead and Phish. And the bathroom reminded me of the Coughy Haus back at the old alma mater.
  • Saint Arnold Brewing Company – I thought it was going to be a mildly amusing brewery tour, but it soon became obvious it was a party. Every Saturday at 13:00, the Saint Arnold Brewing Company holds a “tour.” It was certainly the most euphemistic of brewery tours I’ve ever been on. It lasted maybe five minutes and then the crowd of 300 people got down to drinking the free beer and enjoying the music and whatever snacks they brought along. Definitely a must do stop in Houston. The beer was damn good and the cheery ambiance of the regulars and staff is quite welcoming.
  • El Buen Bife Argentina Grill – Friday night was really jonesin’ for a steak and Craig suggested this place. At first I thought we were going to Fogo de Chão, the place where they serve meat on swords. I was mistaken, but I was not disappointed. It was the best damn steak I’ve eaten in a long time. Tender, juicy and bursting with flavor, that filet mignon was like everything a steak should be.

How about a few pictures from this sojourn in Houston? I got a few to share:

Saint Arnold brewery tour

Pouring the microbrews at Saint Arnold's

Craig kisses his Belhaven Scottish Ale

The Ginger Man serves up a tasty beer

Craig pontificates on the prophecies of John Titor, time traveller

Not a bad weekend, even if my plans went awry. And now that I’m in sunny (and chilly) California, I got a chance to meet up with some co-workers based here in Orange County. We’re meeting up tomorrow night for beers and some dinner at the Yardhouse. I may even take some pictures.

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