Smokin’ In The Locker Room

Ricky WilliamsSo Ricky Williams, one of the best and oddest running backs in the NFL these last few years, retired on Sunday. He said he was tired of the game and lost his desire to go through another grueling season. Sounds fair to me, I’ve played football and I know the older you get, the worse you feel after a game. I can only imagine what it feels like to get pounded by professional players, and I grimace just thinking about it. If he wants to bow out of the league and wander the earth like Caine in Kung Fu, so be it.

Smokin' a doobieToday comes a story about how Williams failed his third drug test in as many years, and was facing suspension by the league before he decided to retire. He readily admitted he smokes marijuana, and while he knows the league bans drug use, he refused to stop smoking it. Call it reefer madness, but it looks like Williams knew the gig was up and decided to exit stage right before facing censure and fines by the NFL.

I’m sure a front page story in High Times will be out soon.