Mmm Beer

One nice thing about all this traveling is the chance to sample all the great beers. I already mentioned St. Arnold’s in Houston and their great brewery “tour.” Now let me throw in a plug for Karl Strauss brewpubs out here in Southern California. Damn tasty beer, and the patrons at the bar are quite passionate about it. I stopped in for happy hour a couple days ago and enjoyed myself so much I am thinking about paying them another visit today after class. Fresh beer does taste better, just not that nasty crap Budweiser markets as beer.

This is my last day in California, I fly out tonight for St. Louis and a few days with my family. It’s been a good week, I’ve learned a great deal and I’ve really enjoyed the cool California weather. Last night I paid a visit to some former co-workers. They left Guam late last year and settled in Orange County. They seem to be doing well and I was glad to get a chance to visit.

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