Daily Archives: 08/07/2004

Gigantic Geode

Gigantic Spanish GeodeCheck out this amazing discovery: Geologists have located a gigantic geode cave in an abandoned Spanish mine. How cool is that? Geode’s rarely get as large as a softball, and this one is a cave big enough to hold 10 people. Amazing.

Javier Garcia-Guinea, the geologist from the Spanish Council for Scientific Research in Madrid who found the cave, can find no other reference anywhere in the world to a geode of such enormous size. The cave measures 1.8 metres wide, 1.7 metres high and spreads 8 metres long. The abundant hydrous calcium sulphate deposits, better-known as gypsum crystals, are about a half-metre in length.

Gasoline And Those Damn SUV’s

Returned to Guam yesterday morning and discovered that regular unleaded is now $2.39 a gallon. Lovely. And still people are buying those gigantic SUV’s that guzzle the gas. Gas prices continue to climb because demand is increasing across the planet for a dwindling resource.

In a related story, I spent a week in Southern California recently and I was shocked by the traffic and congestion, especially the number of gigantic SUV’s roaming the streets. Turns out the big SUV’s are actually banned from residential streets across the state because they exceed 3 tons in weight, but the regulation is not enforced. Seems to me they ought to be rigidly enforcing that law, California could use the extra money the tickets would generate, and it would help curb people’s appetite for enormous vehicles.