Vandals Strike Island

Must be something in the water: GMH has been hit with a rash of vandalism recently, including locker break-ins, auto thefts and sabotage done to a brand new ventilator in the neonatal ICU essential for premature babies. Hospital administration thinks the vandalism is related to efforts to privatize maintenance and security services at the hospital.

Can’t say this behavior surprises me. I remember an incident back in 1995 when island residents were forced to endure months of load shedding blackouts because somebody ‘accidently’ flushed one of the base load generators with salt water and ruined the cooling system. Curiously, this happened just days after a popular manager was released from GPA by the administration and replaced by a haolie administrator from the mainland.

And it strikes closer to home. My landlady Dianne was the target of vandals last night. Somebody took an aluminum baseball bat to her pickup truck, smashing the windshield and driver side windows. The next door neighbors heard the attack and tried calling Dianne. When she didn’t answer, they woke me so I called 911 and fetched her out of the house. The police came in about a half hour and questioned Dianne, myself and the neighbors.

Smashed windows at midnight

Must be something about this time of year. Maybe all the rain makes people stir crazy.