Daily Archives: 08/14/2004


At Dianne’s behest, I joined her and spent the morning absorbing culture at some galleries around the island. She wanted to check out the bomber nose art at the KAHA gallery before it closes on Tuesday. I think she was satisfied with the experience. I certainly enjoyed myself.

  • Nose Cone Art of WWII – The KAHA gallery at Two Lover’s Point is showing an exhibition of nose cone art from World War II bombers. Also on display are a couple smaller exhibits on the downing of Admiral Yamamoto and the role women played in the Pacific front during the war. Not a bad little exhibit, but it was a little strange seeing an endless stream of Japanese tourists enter the building and gawk at the Enola Gay model and all the war memorabilia. The exhibit runs through this Tuesday, August 17th.
  • Contemporary Japanese Architecture – At the Isla Center for the Arts on UOG’s Dean Circle through August 27th. A quiet little exhibit at Isla, Contemporary Japanese Architecture was nicely executed. I was expecting much except boring pictures, but I was pleasantly surprised. The exhibit did consist of nothing but photographs and schematics of modern architecture from the last 20 years, but they were exceptional photos of striking architecture. The captions with every photo were informative and the quiet background music struck a positive mood. The exhibit is funded by the Japanese Consulate, the Japan Foundation and the Architectural Institute of Japan, which probably explains the excellent exhibit catalog that was available for free.

So Isla was the big winner today. The Isla exhibit was much better than the KAHA exhibit. It was quiet, well done and pleasing.

While I enjoyed the WWII exhibit at KAHA, but I found the gallery noisy and heavily trafficked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of snob that wants to enjoy a gallery to myself. It’s just that the crowds entering the gallery came for one thing, the toilets. The public restrooms at Two Lover’s Point Park are just plain nasty, so the tour buses send all their tourists over to KAHA for the toilets. It’s a little annoying trying to listen to a short documentary video over the constant flushing of toilets.