Beer Guzzling Bear

I love to post these tales of ursine antics: Bear found passed out in campground after guzzling 36 beers. Rangers removed the drunken black bear, but he returned to the campground the next day. I guess he liked happy hour.

HomerThey trapped the bear and removed him from the area. They baited their trap with doughnuts and beer. I’m surprised they only caught one bear in that trap and not a bunch of thirsty campers. Or at least some other silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat, like Homer Simpson.

Homer againIn a related drunken idiot story, a local man is behind bars for stabbing his cousin Tuesday night. The two men got in an argument over who could drink the most beer. Somehow I think he should try and outdrink the bear next time.

1 thought on “Beer Guzzling Bear

  1. Anonymous

    Did you notice who got stabbed? Just your average Tuesday night drinkin’ contest, man.

    Yours is quickly becoming the Bear Blog, the foremost authority on bears, boozin’, and boozin’ bears.


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