Daily Archives: 08/21/2004

Storm Update

Well the situation with Typhoon Chaba is very fluid. Guam is sandwiched between Tropical Storm Aere to the west and Typhoon Chaba to the east. Aere is moving to the north and presents no danger to the Marianas, but its departure is blocking the northwest track of Chaba.

Chaba is currently at 14.7N 153.2E, or about 571 miles to the east. It is tracking due west at 12 mph. Maximum sustained winds are 81 mph, with gusts to 98 mph. The forecast track still has the storm passing north of Saipan, but things can change at any time. The governor declared Typhoon Condition 2 at 17:00, which means a storm is expected in the next 24 hours. I spent some time today securing stuff in the yard. I haven’t put the shutters up yet, I’ll wait for the situation to develop a little better before I make that decision.

Guam is in that blue area between the two storms right now
Guam is in that strip of blue between the two storms in this photo: Aere is on the left and Chaba on the right.

  • Typhoon Condition 4:
    Winds of 75 miles per hour or more are possible within 72 hours
  • Typhoon Condition 3:
    Winds of 75 miles per hour or more are possible within 48 hours
  • Typhoon Condition 2:
    Winds of 75 miles per hour or more are expected within 24 hours
  • Typhoon Condition 1:
    Winds of 75 miles per hour or more are expected within 12 hours

Crime Wave Strikes My Neighborhood

My street is in the grip of a crime wave. Three homes were burglarized this week, and the homes vandalized. Two were broken into yesterday. Stuff was stolen, drawers rifled and windows broken. The burglars left potato chip crumbs sprinkled everywhere and a slab of bacon smoking in the oven and left the oven on. In the other house they drained the water bottles in the fridge and refilled them with liquor. It is very disturbing, especially since Dianne’s truck was vandalized last week too. For the first time in seven years of residency on Chalan Ayuyu, I am locking my doors and windows. This nagging anxiety dwells in the back of my brain now, the first thought that crosses my mind when I wake up. “Was my car fucked up overnight? Did anything else happen while I was asleep?” It seems like the work of delinquent kids trying to make the leap from misdemeanors to felony terrorizing.