22:25 & Still Here

The power went out for about 20 minutes an hour ago. It came back on, and the storm doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse in the last couple hours.

The storm seems to have stalled over Rota. I hope everyone is okay on that island, it is getting pummelled. The last storm track show Chaba slowly pulling away to the northwest.

5 thoughts on “22:25 & Still Here

  1. Anonymous

    Going back to your distrust of the Natnl WX Svc, I caught a bit on the History Channel a couple weeks ago about THE Galveston Hurricane back in the day, where ol’ boy underestimated the oncoming storm and ignored his own brother telling him to put out the infra-red-alert, but he refused and got 6000 people killed, including his family. They say Galveston has learned, and by its destruction Houston benefitted with the creation of the ship channel, Halliburton, and KBR. I digress here in the capital of white collar crime… You would think NWS worldwide would issue more conservative forecasts to cover their ass, but I guess pride in possibly being right about a storm track holds more weight for the weather geeks.

    As long as I’m still writing and talking of ghosts, have you heard Wilco’s new disk? Email me for further destruction.


  2. Thomas

    I’m actually fairly comfortable right now. Lot of toiling this afternoon with the generator (the low oil pressure switch was corroded and keeping the engine from starting), but I am now ensconced in my home with a couple lights on, the radio, my laptop and dsl, and of course the fridge. I don’t have to BBQ all the meat in my freezer now. Excellent. I’m hoping GPA restores power tonight or tomorrow-things don’t look too fucked up right now.

    As for Wilco, I’ve been mainlineing Yankee Hotel Foxtrot since I bought it in California. Excellent disk. I am thinking about picking up Jay Farrar’s live album, it looks good too. Do you have that?

  3. Anonymous

    Yes sir. I have Stone, Steel and Bright Lights (autographed, even) and will not include it in the package I am sending to you tomorrow, which will not include Jack Johnson in Boston and Uncle Tupelo,
    BC 1992. (I was up north and could not mail your package as promised) but since tomorrow is another day off for me, all good things should go out tomorrow to box 4849.

    Seems everyone says fie on the new Wilco, but upon first listen I like it better than first listen of YHF. Maybe for once I get the concept before everyone else. I will send a Ghost to you as well.

    Go see Napoleon Dynamite if it gets to Guam, Rota, or Tinian.

  4. Thomas

    I listen to Yankee… Hotel… Foxtrot… and I think of Tibbetts.

    Speaking of old friends, Kirino Mario just left after hanging out all night. We watched the extended special edition of Fellowship of the Ring on generator power. And then, miracle of miracles, the power came back on.

    We’re hooking up again on Wednesday night for a round or two at Mermaid Tavern, the place that does the microbrews.

  5. Anonymous

    “I’m an American aquarium drinker, an assasin down the avenue…”

    Yankee… Hotel… Foxtrot… The chair is against the wall… John has a long mustache… Chicken is delicious… Four pints equal a quart… Pants are overrrrrrated.

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