Monkeys, Bears, You

I should really show more self restraint, but I can’t help myself. These stories are too good to pass up.

  • Monkeys Terrorize City In Sudan – Rampaging monkeys hold sway in the Sudanese city of Kassala. In coordinated attacks lasting from dawn until dusks, swarms of hungry monkeys assault the city, terrorizing women, children and baked goods. The monkeys break into homes, steal food from children, raid the refrigerators and leave a gigantic mess in their wake.
  • Bears breaking and entering homes in Norway Monkeys might be bad, but bears in the house are worse. On the Norwegian island of Svalbard, polar bears are breaking into homes looking for food. And I mean breaking into homes. The bears tear down doors, smash through walls and break open cabinets and refrigerators looking for food.

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    Just wanted to congratulate you on being the only result for a Yahoo UK&Ireland search for “moscow rasputin’s titty bar.” Good on ya.


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