Daily Archives: 08/23/2004

Power’s Back

Power was restored in Yoña around 21:30 tonight. I missed the exact time, I was busy watching The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. I scored the extended special DVD whilst I was in Orange County a few weeks ago. Tonight seemed like a good time to settle back and watch a movie.

Anyway, I noticed the power was back on when I switched DVD’s. Not a bad turnaround for GPA, less than 24 hours. I only wish all typhoons were this easy. Never lost water, power out for 18 hours, phone service the entire time. I can only say Guam got very lucky this time.

I had company too, Kirino showed up and drank all my beer (with a little help from me of course). We’re hooking up again on Wednesday for a round at this new tavern I’ve been meaning to mention; look forward to pictures and a complete write-up then.

Sorta Still Here

Okay, the sorta calm after the storm. My power went out last night around 12:30 am. The winds continued with harsh fierceness until about 6:30 am, went I finally went belly up on the sofa and fell asleep. Spent the night mopping up the water that was flowing through my shower spigot/front door. It’s time for a typhoon shutter on the entrance for sure. Every time there’s a storm it floods.

Anyway, I slept until about 9:00, when Dianne woke me. Time to open the shutters. Surveyed the damage; a few branches broken, a litter of leaves in the backyard, but that was about it. We got lucky.

Went into work, no damage at my workplace so it was back home after a bit of rubbernecking. Took the long, long way, down through Merizo. Same problems as always down there. The road past Achang Marina was all messed up because of debris in the culvert they built down there about seven years ago. Another example of bad planning. Every time it rains that culvert fills with downed bamboo and the whole area becomes a muddy lake. PUAG crews were on the scene clearing the debris, but the road was still a muddy mess. That little mess was the worst that I saw though. Seas were really, really rough on the western shores, probably 15-20 foot waves on the reef line.

Took a nap when I got home, then spent most of the afternoon monkeying with the generator. There’s power now, just enough to run the fridge, some lights, a couple fans and my laptop/DSL modem! I’m hoping GPA gets Yona connected to island power later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Guam got lucky, not too much damage from the winds. I didn’t see any downed power lines or poles, and no homes blown apart by the winds. I don’t think the wind ever got above 60-65 mph last night. From all reports, Rota took the brunt of Typhoon Chaba, with Tinian and Saipan also receiving major damage.