Daily Archives: 08/31/2004

Word Of The Day

Picked up a new word today, one that is particularly apropos this week:kakistocracy – Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

Does that describe George Bush and Dick Cheney? Is the Pope catholic?

Drunken Idiots=Dead Heads

A potent reason not to drink and drive. Or at least don’t puke while you’re drunk buddy’s driving. Police in Georgia arrested a man for a grisly accident. While driving home from the bars last weekend the passenger needed to vomit because he drank so much. He leaned his head out the truck and the driver obligingly pulled up onto the shoulder of the road. Unfortunately he clipped a guard wire of a telephone pole, decapitating his best friend in the process. He was so messed up he drove home and passed out, only to wake in the morning when the neighbors found a headless corpse in the cab of his pickup and called the police. The cops found him still drunk and covered in blood. Sheesh. A night to remember indeed.

Little Shaker

I left work early yesterday. I have some sort of cold/flu thing, and I felt the need to rest yesterday afternoon. I took a long nap from about 2:00 until 6:30. It felt good and I only woke up one time; during the 4.6 earthquake that shook the island around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. Funny, I could just feel it. I actually woke up about 20 seconds before the earthquake, laid there thinking ‘earthquake,’ and then the shaking started. There must have been some initial jolt that roused me. It was nothing major, after it stopped I turned over and went back to sleep.