Daily Archives: 09/03/2004

Labor Day Weekend

The long weekend has arrived. Too bad I too sick to really care. I’ve had a nasty cold for a week now. Last Saturday I woke up with a scratchy throat, which by Monday migrated to my chest. This morning, Friday, the cold moved into my head. Sniffles, stuffy head, sneezing. I’m just delightful to hang around. I left work early again today, and I stayed home on Tuesday. I hope by next week I’m feeling better.

Tom enjoys the Durkee's But enough boring of the readership with my complaints. I picked up a couple packages today, including a box from Craig in Houston. He sent me a set of live cd’s, and a jar of Durkee’s Famous Sauce! I guess somebody reads my blog. Excellent timing too, I am just about out of my homemade Durkee’s that I cooked up back in May. Thanks Craig!

So besides recuperating from this damn cold and making a sandwich with my new jar of sauce, I plan to lay low this weekend. Tomorrow morning is the important fantasy football draft. Yes, I am in two leagues this year; tomorrow’s draft is for the league that actually has a cash prize. The draft on Tuesday was for the fun league with some college buddies. But that’s all there is to my weekend. I might go see Hero if I feel up to it, but that won’t be for a couple days I think.

Now, all this typing’s gone and worn me out. Time to go lie down and read for a bit.