Daily Archives: 09/04/2004

Touch ‘N Go

Just got back from the big football draft. It went smoothly, and I think the Zulus will be a force in the coming season. The big pick for us was definitely Ahman Green. Didn’t expect him to be available for #4 pick. The rest of the squad is pretty solid, and we’re especially deep at running back. Last year’s strategy of picking up & coming unknowns at wide receiver was a bust (everybody else was onto that strategy), so we went with talented running backs this year.

One team that has me worried is Dave Marutani’s Da Bruddahs, with an awesome lineup. He has Priest Holmes, Marshall Faulk and Michael Vick. I expect our week #1 matchup to be a doozy.

Photo © PDN & Ric EusebioStopped at M.U. Lujan Elementary School in Yoña to vote on the way home. Today is the primary where we weed out senatorial wannabes. I tried out the new electronic voting system that the election commission is rolling out this year. The election commission purchased the iVotronic from Omaha, Nebraska based Election Systems & Software, the current vendor for the ballots and vote counting machines on Guam. ES&S used to be known as American Information Systems, and they were the subject of an antitrust suit back in 1997. ES&S is the largest vote counting firm, with their machines accounting for 52% of the votes cast in the 2002 national elections. Suffice to say the company is a big Republican donor. So I was skeptical about the system.

It was fairly painless, I made all my selections, reviewed my choices, added a write-in candidate, and submitted my vote. And it took just a couple minutes, definitely faster than paper ballots. It did not provide me with a paper receipt, so who knows if my Democratic votes were actually tabulated. Come November, I will probably use a paper ballot in the general election. But that option will be gone by 2006, when the entire voting system will be electronic. All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.