Daily Archives: 09/05/2004

Primary Election Results

The results are in from Saturday’s primary. Looks like no incumbents suffered the indignity of elimination. Challengers B.J. Cruz and Judi Won Pat led the charge for the Democrats, while Ray Tenorio and Eddie Calvo topped the Republican voting. Among the old dogs trying to get back into the circus, Ted Nelson and Tony Unpingco made the cut while Don Parkinson fell well short of the cutoff. Guess voters still remember that infamous food fight Parkinson had with Sonny Orsini all those years ago.

It looks like Democratic turnout was heavy. If the general election were held yesterday, none of the Republican candidates would make the top fifteen posts. Of course this is due to the large number of Democratic candidates that needed winnowing. Only one Republican, Sylvia Flores, will be dropped from the ballot in November, along with 8 Democrats. The top fifteen from each party proceed to the November election.

Congressional delegate Madeleine Bordallo ran unopposed in the primary, and she faces no Republican challenger in November. Two more years in Washington for helmet head.