Daily Archives: 09/08/2004


For those curious enough, here’s a lengthy, and caustic, review of Zardoz, a horrible 70’s sci-fi movie that I remember catching on late night TV once. It has Sean Connery in red diapers, a big floating stone head, and a completely nonsensical plot.

Considering the film’s content and the decade in which it was made, I can make at least one shrewd deduction: Everyone involved was on serious drugs. There’s no other way to explain how a major studio even entertained the thought of releasing this. How else could these images have gotten past studio execs, accountants, test screeners, marketers, and advertisers without anyone ever saying, “You want to put what in a movie?”

Hey it was the 70’s, I’m sure there was mountains of coke readily available.

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Morning Linkage

Time to close a few browser tabs in Firefox and list off a few sites that I stumbled on last night:

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