Daily Archives: 09/11/2004

Three Days Of APOD

The Astronomy Picture of the Day is one of my favorite websites, I try to check it every day. The last three days were just beautiful though.

  1. September 9 Sagittarius Triplet: Stunning picture of the NGC 6559, the Lagoon Nebula, and the Trifid Nebula in Sagittarius.
  2. September 10 Cat’s Eye: Breathtaking Hubble image of the Cat’s Eye nebula. The complexity of the nebula is fascinating. I made this is my new desktop image, I liked it so much.
  3. September 11 The Star Trails of Kilimanjaro: Cool time lapse photograph taken on Mount Kilimanjaro. The stars wheel across the sky, the tents are illuminated from within by flashlights, and the eerie green glow of civilization filters up through the clouds.

Shave And A Haircut

Buzz Cut! Cut my hair off this morning. I refuse to pay $20 to have a ‘stylist’ cut my hair, so I cut it myself. It’s nothing fancy, snap the #2 guard on the hair clipper and shear the hair off. After the major clipping is done, remove the guard and do some trimming around the ears and the back of the neck. Twenty minutes tops, and I don’t need another haircut for two or three months. I even trimmed back the beard to the same length. I look like a fat Marine now.

It’s quite a change from last week. I don’t really like my hair this short, but what the hell. In two weeks it will be okay. And yes, that’s my Mauna Loa towel draped over the bathroom door.

The weather’s been excellent for the last few days. Bright, breezy, and sunny. Often the heat builds in the afternoon and an isolated storm develops. Kind of like this one over Talofofo this afternoon.

Storm clouds billow over Talofofo

I took that photo about an hour ago, and the storms only gotten bigger. It moved further to the southwest, out over the ocean. But it is a big thunderhead. I can hear the occasional low rumble of distant thunder even now.