Daily Archives: 09/17/2004

Geography Olympics – Geography Challenge

This is a fun little quiz. Geography Olympics – Geography Challenge. I scored 80%, not too bad. I can’t believe I couldn’t place the Marshall Islands… Well actually I can. The damn map is a bit vague with the locations of smaller nations, offering only white blips and no zoom control. Plus the edge map is in the middle of the Pacific, making it difficult to decide which identical white blip is the correct one – the one on the extreme left edge of the map or the one on the extreme right edge of the map. My other error was locating Senegal. I know where it is generally, somewhere in West Africa. I just don’t know for sure. Guess I’ll go look that up right now.


Back In Action

Sorry about the dearth of posts this week. I went on a bit of a bender this week, hitting the bars most every night after work, and stumbling around in a hungover daze at the office. Not exactly one of my most stellar weeks in corporate America. I haven’t had the energy to read and digest articles this week.

If I wasn’t trawling around in one of Guam’s many drinking establishments, I was a zombie wishing for a few hours sleep. I can only say a guy’s got to cut loose once in a while. Note that it is now Friday night, and I am home and completely worn out. I’ll probably be in bed by nine o’clock tonight. All play and little sleep makes Tommy a very tired boy. And other problems abound with this epicurean lifestyle. But I had a damn good time.