Daily Archives: 09/18/2004

Domestic Terror

Here’s one of those stories you just never see on television. 14 governors sent booby-trapped letters this month. I’ve heard nary a word of this: Big media is too obsessed with that font and kerning shit or that Swift Boat bullcrap. The FBI is treating it as domestic terrorism, probably neo-Nazi militia freaks, and I guess terrorism just isn’t a hot topic unless Muslims are involved. Besides, those neo-Nazi militia freaks are gun owners, which means they’d probably vote Republican if they weren’t busy crafting mail bombs.

Late Afternoon Movie Watching

Flipping through the channels just now and I caught the last ten minutes of North by Northwest, the Alfred Hitchcock classic. The part where Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint are scrambling around on Mt. Rushmore, chased by Martin Landau.

After it was over, the talking head on Turner Classic Movies, the young guy, not usual host Robert Osborne, says his little piece. I’m paraphrasing here, but he said something to the effect of “that was North by Northwest, one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most successful artistic and financial films so far.” So far?? He can’t seriously be expecting Hitchcock to churn out another movie anytime soon. I would be rather surprised – since he’s been dead for over 24 years.

Turns out the host’s name is Ben Mankiewicz.

Back From The Dead

Holy moley. I slept over 14 hours. I fell asleep around 9:30 last night and I didn’t wake up until a little after 11:30 this morning. Guess I was tuckered out. Sure felt good to sleep, sleep, sleep.

Went into the office for a bit this afternoon, but I stopped to get my mail first at the Post Office. There was a postcard from my sister waiting for me. Nancy and her husband CJ were in Cornwall for about week or ten days. She sent me a reminder of a conversation we had while I was visiting St. Louis in August.

The Cerne Abbas Giant

I mentioned she and CJ should visit the Rude Giant of Cerne Abbas instead of Stonehenge. The giant is carved out of the chalk bedrock of Dorset, and is supposed to be 2,000 years old. Well they skipped the chalk man, but they did send me a postcard of his phallic majesty. Quite a sight isn’t he? You’d think with a weapon like that he’d have a big old grin on his face, but he looks pretty serious to me.