Daily Archives: 09/20/2004

Rain Rain Came Again

After a week of nice, fairly sunny weather, the rains returned on Sunday. There is a tropical depression forming on top of Guam right now, bringing unceasing rain. Should clear out in another day or so. I don’t really mind, a little rain is nice.

There was another murder this weekend. Some guys were sitting around drinking on a ranch in Agat and one ended up with two shotgun blasts in the his chest. The real uproar in this murder is that the shooter turned out to be the prime suspect in a 1987 double murder/torture at the Brass Lantern Bar in Asan. In fact, the shooter was convicted in the double murders, but he was released on appeal because of a technicality – there was an error in the instructions the jury received – and he was set free in 1991. The attorney general at the time pledged to bring him to trial again, but somehow he slipped through the cracks and was never prosecuted again.